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2016 Dodge Challenger, EVO-ALL w/ CHR6, now throwing U0415 Check Engine Light

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As Title indicates, post installation the client is getting a CEL U0415.  It happened to me after programming but I cleared it and figured it was a fluke.  According to him, per his Dodge dealer, they have seen this happen with aftermarket remotes starts and also stereos on the Challenger.

Any suggestions other than rolling back firmware?  When tapping for 12V ignition I grabbed the incorrect wire first time around. It was pink/wht but didn't give 12V with IGN. The snake shows Pin 27 OR 31 at BCM, plug E.  27 was the wrong one, 31 was hardly pink/wht, more pink/yel but did give 12V with ignition.
asked Sep 1, 2020 in Dodge by John Flynn (160 points)

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Correct, can't use the latest firmware on that car and also the Charger. Needs to be 74.18 only per guide. The U0415 has nothing to do with the ignition wire. The ignition wire is only there for the module to READ ignition. U0415 comes from the car not liking the brake code sent on CAN to allow the car to remotely start.


But... this solution is getting revamped within the next few days and will be exactly like the Chrysler 300 installation and firmware. This means added functionality like rear defrost, heated seats control, etc through CAN-BUS.

 If you want to take a look. Grab the Chrysler 300 guide.
answered Sep 1, 2020 by Robb (259,780 points)
I'll need to double check the firmware when it comes back but thank you for explaining this and my advance apologies for not reading thoroughly.