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2010 Dodge Caravan No Start Next Day

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EVO RS installed in 2010 Dodge Caravan with the CHRT4.  

I installed last night, seemed to work fine.  But noticed when the vehicle was turned back on the radio clock had reset.  This morning I have a no start condition.  Doors won't unlock/lock with remote, key in ingition does nothing.  Interior lights, head lights and brake lights work.  Additionally, due to ignition problem can't shift into neurtal to move vehicle.

Also could not get the horn to silence as per the Dodge Manual after RS installed
asked Jan 14 in Dodge by Cam Davidson (130 points)

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I would suggest unplugging the t-harness and seeing if the vehicle returns to normal.
answered Jan 14 by Derek (219,920 points)
Got under the dash after work to confirm a few more things.  Harness was plugged in but no lights at all were active on the unit.  Unplugged the unit and reconnected just the power plug as per instruction manual, blue light came on.  Replugged all other connections, tried key in ignition.  No change on EVO and no response from van.  Unplugged T-Harness and reinstalled factory connection.  Vehicle started without issue.  Problem seems to be in t-harness or EVO.  Is this Q & A monitored by Fortin or just user group?  Should I contact their tech support?
Did you connect the 2 yellow wires together ?

And, was the modification for the 2010 and older Caravans done per the guide ? The not being able to shift sounds like it was not, or that it was improperly done. It would also explain not having ignition since the modification is directly related to that modification.

Following Guide# 94281 Rev. 20201221.  The two yellow wires are tied together.  Not sure what modification per the guide you're talking about.  This image is how it's currently wired.  The Valet switch is wired but not to ground (I didn't want to run the hood pin) but not monitored.  The Parking light has the resisitor in place, but not connected to the parking light circuit yet, but it's an out put so shouldn't matter.

the modification is that yellow wire you need to cut in the t-harness, isolate one end, then connect Yellow/Green to the other end. Mod has to be done on the T-harness male connector that goes into the ignition barrel. 


If, with only the RED connector connected, you cannot get the vehicle to start nor shift gear, the problem is with those connections somewhere within the harness. If using T-taps or any sort of plastic connector, I can only suggest removing them and starting over.


The wire being cut in the harness is the ignition. If that circuit is open:

1. EVO will not program and blue led will stay on during programming

2. car will not start due to no ignition

3. car will not shift due to no ignition. 

(all three problems you described basically)

The connections I made are all soldered and shrink wrapped.  The male end connector yellow is connected to yellow green and the female end yellow is isolated, with a crimp Mar.  

So if I understand your suggestion for next steps, I should reconnect the T-Harness to ignition barrel and the ONLY the red connector to the EVO RS.  In this setup it should start with the key in the ignition, but not remotely.

The strange thing is that it was programmed and working the night before.  So I am assuming the mod was done correctly  

Will the vehicle start in without the EVO connected at all, but the harness installed to the barrel and vehicle male connection?  

This link it to what I have done

It will not start without the red connected because of the interrupt on that yellow wire in the harness.
Finally had some time and good weather today.  Reinstalled the unit with no changes to the wiring.  Three, remotes starts with no issue.  Left the interior panels off will try again tomorrow morning and see what happens.  Still need to "T" in the parking lights and ground the valet switch.  Hopefully this has it.  THe only thing I can guess is when I first installed the unit the steering wheel was all the way up.  I drive with is pretty low.  Wondering if the movement pulled something loose.  The one of the zip ties I had used was broken.

More details to come
Next day, unit now has parking light connection T'd in and Valet switch installed.   All seems to be working as it should.